Premiums Reduce

Public Liability Premiums Reduce in June and July

Public liability premiums reduced in June and July in Australia. According to Insure 247 "With the entry of new insurers and the hardening market, consumers look set to enjoy good premuims". Consumers are also benifiting of easier ways to compare the public liability insurers. Public Liability Comparison compared 4500 policies in June and July.

Public Liability Comparison compared 4500 policies in June and July.

Occupations enjoying better pricing

We have also seen a reduction in the insurance premiums for Carpenters, Plumbers and Painter, with some of the lowest premiums since 2008.

Public liability insurance clients in NSW have enjoyed the largest reductions in public liability for some occupations, so if you need a quote for new business or to compare your existing policy click compare and save by click here

NSW have enjoyed the largest reductions

Comparing more Occupations

Some of the public liability insurance policies we compared this month have included Bar and Restaurant, Cross Fit Training, Geo Engineer, Fencing Contractor, Removal Contractors  Self Storage Facility, Welder/Boilermakers and Waterproofing.


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Public Liability Compared

Public Lability Premiums Reduce

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