Consumer Protection Insurance When Is it Required?

If you are an Electrician in Queensland or a Plumber in Victoria you may be asked to have Consumer Protection Insurance added to your Businesses Public Liability Policy what is it? Who requires it?

Consumer Protection Insurance for Electricians in Queensland

A person who performs electrical work in Queensland must have an electrical work license authorising the work. … Licensed electrical contractors are required to meet specific insurance requirements. This will include having a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance, with a $50,000 consumer protection

Consumer Protection Insurance for Victorian Plumbers

Victorian consumers have a level of insurance protection when they use licensed plumbing practitioners. Licensed plumbing practitioners must obtain certain qualifications. They will also need experience and hold insurance coverage required by law before being licensed by the VBA.

The full terms and conditions of the required insurance are provided in the Ministerial Order – Licensed Plumbers General Insurance Order 2002 (the required insurance).

Consumer Protection Insurance is Not Professional Liability Cover

Note that these policy’s do not cover Professional liability (any liability of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly caused by, in connection with or contributed to by or arising
from the rendering or failure to render professional advice or service by the insured, or any error or omission in connection therewith). For cover for this contact your broker about Professional Indemnity Insurance.

At we quote broadform liability cover. This covers your business against claims for personal injury to another person (other than employees) or damage to property owned or controlled by someone else, or advertising liability, property damage, personal injury or advertising liability which gives rise to legal liability must happen during the period of insurance and be caused by an occurrence in connection with your business activities, Broadform also cover product liability.

If you are still unsure speak to a broker or talk to our team on 1300 046 787, to discuss your requirement.

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Consumer Protection Insurance

Consumer Protection Insurance for Electrician in Queensland Eligibility requirements

Information on eligibility requirements for an electrical contractor license can be found in Section 48 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 (the ES Regulation).

An electrical contractor license is issued for one year.

You are responsible as an electrical contractor to ensure you maintain eligibility throughout this time.

To maintain an electrical business license, a business needs:

They can be the same person and both are endorsed on the electrical contractor license.

An electrical contractor license will be canceled if there is no qualified business and/or technical person attached to the license for a period of one month.

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