Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd is the only global financial services company operating in Australia under a single brand in their core lines of business - general insurance, life risk, investment and superannuation products

Zurich Public Liability Insurance Quotes

The Zurich public liability policy quoted is the Steadfast Policy Wording

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When Quoting Insure 247 will use the Steadfast Policy Wording

With more than 280 brokerages, we have the strength of Australia’s largest insurance broking network behind us. $4.3 billion in sales annually gives Steadfast a lot of bargaining power within the industry to tailor policies and solutions for you.

Product Summary

The Steadfast Public and Products Liability insurance policy has been drafted by Steadfast to provide clients with broad-based combined general liability protection for their business activities issued by our insurer panel. The policy includes significant improvements in coverage and conditions not available in policies that are generally available for SME type businesses. To complement the policy wording, Zurich has agreed to the interpretation of certain clauses as per the Annotated version of the policy.



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