What's Not Covered By Public Liability Insurance Policy

Not everything is included in a public liability insurance policy, so what's not covered? The following things are 'generally' excluded by most insurers:

  • Anything relating to asbestos
  • Things involving aircraft
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Product recalls
  • Punitive or liquidated damages — this is where your actions are deemed by a judge to have been so poor that you are ordered to pay extra damages
  • Faulty workmanship

You should also bear in mind that public liability policies also have some limitations in terms of how much they will pay out — there is typically a limit to how much can be paid out per claim, as well as a limit on the total amount that can be paid out under a policy as a whole.

What is public liability insurance?

What are common limitations in public liability policies

  • Your policy may restrict the height and location you work
  • It may exclude some business activities, like high-pressure cleaning
  • Provision of Advice
  • Heat work (welding and thermal cutting)
  • Underground Services
  • Hazardous Workplace and Sites Exclusion
  • Faulty workmanship

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