Is Faulty workmanship covered?

Is Faulty workmanship covered?

Is Faulty Workmanship Covered Under My Public Liability Insurance?

We asked Steve Sloan a broker with Insure 247, if we did repairs for a client that failed would we be covered?

Your public liability policy covers your business, for losses to a third party

"Your public liability policy covers your business, for losses to a third party.

You should check the product disclosure document as each insurer has a different approach to claims as a result of Faulty Workmanship."

An example of an insurer's approach to Faulty Workmanship

In the PDS from a leading Insurer it states:

We agree (subject to the terms, Claims conditions, General Policy conditions, Exclusions, definitions and Limits of liability incorporated herein) to pay to You or on Your behalf all amounts which You shall become legally liable to pay as

Compensation in respect of:

1. Personal Injury, and/or

2. Property Damage, and/or

3. Advertising Injury,

However under the "COVER SECTION EXCLUSIONS," it states
11. Faulty workmanship

for the cost of performing, completing, correcting or improving any work undertaken by You. (this means work that you do to repair or replace would not be covered)

According to Steve Sloan "Subject to the wording, it's likely that your policy will cover third party losses, but it may have a higher excess."

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