If I change my business activities do I need to tell my insurer?

In small business in Australia you are often presented with opportunities to get a little extra cash, you maybe a fencer but a concrete company needs a laborer, can you do it and still be covered?

Steve Sloan a broker from Insure 247 tells us "Your insurer insures you for your business activities, if you do other activities you must advise your insurer beforehand.

Some insurers may consider the extra activities less of a risk than you existing activity and may not change the premium, but better to have that conversation before you do the activity than at claim."

What to tell your insurer

Insure 247 recommends telling the insurer about;

  • Change of business activities
  • Change of address
  • Increase or decrease of turnover
  • Increase of employees
  • Change of ownership

If you are still unsure speak to a broker call 1300 046 787 13000 Insure

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