Compare And Save Money On Your Public Liability Policy

Here are five ways to compare amd save money on your public liability insurance policy.



Insurers will offer different levels of cover, wordings, exclusions and inclusions, they may also prefer a certain risk and occupations.

Some insurers will offer specials at different times of the year.

Also if you have been with an insurer for any length of time you should consider asking for a discount, especially if you haven't made any claims. (However unlike house insurance, they don't offer any claims bonuses)

Pay Annually

The convenience of paying your public liability insurance by the month will come at a cost with most funding companies and insurers charging extra for the convenience, normally in the form of fees and charges.

Annual payment for your insurance policy is also tax deductible

Choose the right level of cover

Steve Sloan a broker from Insure 247 explains that the right level of cover is the first place to start. "If your business is dealing with the general public 5 million dollars cover may be adequate, however, if it's business to business you may need to have $10 million dollars cover, if you deal with state, federal or local government they may require a minimum of $20 million. However, often the difference between 5 and 20 million dollars, may only be a few hundred dollars.

Reduce Risk

Where you show your insurer that you are reducing your risk it may reflect in the premiums, this may be something as simple as adhering to the Australian standards for certain business activities or if you are an importer and you can show that the manufacturing processes and procedures are in place this may also reflect on your premiums.

If you use subcontractors and you can also show that the subcontractors have their own insurance this may also have a benefit that reflects in your premium.

If you are still unsure, talk to our team on 1300 046 787, to discuss your requirement.

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