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Consultants need to consider their risk and the risk to the public, for insistence if they work from home and deal with their clients remotely this will reduce the risk but may have no bearing on the premium.

Claims by Insure 247 clients for consultants have included property damage where the insured knock equipment off a client's desk.

Current offers public liability insurance quotes for consultants through  AIG, Allianz, Calibre, CGU, Dual, Vero and Zurich

Consultants Insurance Cost

Public liability insurance cover of $5 million based on  turnover of less than $100,000 per year, starts at $350 per year*

What Limit Of Liability Do I Require?

When you start to look for Public Liability Insurance, one of the first questions you must decide is what limit of liability do you require?

What is Limit of liability?

Insurers will offer limits of liability starting at $5 million, and can go up to $50 million.This is the insurer's maximum payout in the event of a claim

Steve Sloan a broker with Insure 247, explains;

You should consider your clients when choosing a limit of liability

If you deal with the public, then $5 million would cover most claim situations.

If you deal with other businesses (B2B) then $10 million may be required.

If you deal with local government, state or federal government, airports or ports then $20 million is probably going to be the minimum requirement.


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*Not all insurers will offer quotes for all risks.

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What Limit Of Liability Do I Require?