Public Liability Insurance Cafes

Public Liability Insurance Cafes

Based on $5 Million Cover with up to 5 employees up to $100,000 income, public liability insurance cafes quotes from $499* to $785 from AIG, Allianz, CGU, Greatchoice, HCi, QBE, Protecsure, Vero and Zurich

*Excludes licensed cafes and may depend on number of seats within, the cafe, some insurers may require 3 years experience

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Public Liability Insurance Cafes


Your quotes will come from the Insure 247 Team

Public Liability for Restaurants

Insure 247 Ausure Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd T/as Insure 247 Authorised Representative of Ausure Pty Ltd AFSL 238433..

At we quote broadform liability cover, this covers your business against claims for personal injury to another person (other than employees) or damage to property owned or controlled by someone else, or advertising liability. Property damage, personal injury or advertising liability which gives rise to legal liability must happen during the period of insurance and be caused by an occurrence in connection with your business activities, Broadform also cover product liability.

Please note that any advice given has been provided without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It is also based on information we have obtained from you. You must ensure the information is accurate and complete. Otherwise, this advice may be based on inaccurate or incomplete information. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of your objectives, financial situation and needs

Liability Insurance
Public liability insurance does a great job of protecting your business against injury claims, loss or damage claims made by
Public liability insurance protects you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable for negligence. This may
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Is Public Liability Insurance Compulsory in Australia? Public Liability Insurance is not required by law Public Liability Insurance is not
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According to QBE Insurance, 87% of small business owners agree that a liability claim has the potential to put them
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5 ways to ensure your business does not stumble trip and fall Trip and fall, it can all happen so
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Things to consider before buying public liability insurance Liability insurance is likely to be one of the first purchases that
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What is a drivers risk extension? If as part of your business you or your staff drive or test drive
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Public Liability Insurance Claims Checklist What to do in the event of a Public Liability Insurance Claim? Public liability insurance
Are Public Liability Premiums Increasing? According to Steve Sloan from public liability premiums are increasing, and here’s why. Insurers
How Much Public Liability Insurance
How Much Public Liability Insurance Do You Need? In Australia insurers generally offer 5 Million, 10 million and 20 million
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Comprised of 306 brokerages with over 500 offices, the group generated over $5 billion in insurance sales in FY14. This scale gives Steadfast enormous buying power, flexibility, and influence when negotiating with major insurers on behalf of Steadfast brokers and results in us being able to provide our customers with access to multiple insurance companies, a broad range of products, competitive pricing, valuable advice and quality service.
As a Steadfast network insurance broker, you get the best of both worlds – local and personalised service, with the insurance expertise and support of a large organisation.

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Compare policies from leading Australian Insurers, compare claims ratings, financial ratings, excesses, and inclusions. uses Steadfast Technolgy and Insure 247 Software to approach a network of insurers and specialist underwriters for public liability insurance quotes, and through our licensee Ausure and Steadfast we have access to all major insurance markets.