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Is Public Liability Insurance Compulsory in Australia?

Is Public Liability Insurance Compulsory in Australia?

Public Liability Insurance is not required by law

Public liability insurance is not mandatory by law for all businesses in Australia. However, certain industries and activities may require public liability insurance as a condition of licensing or as a contractual requirement. The requirement for public liability insurance can vary depending on the state or territory, industry regulations, and specific business activities.

For example, in some cases, contractors working on government projects or events may be required to have public liability insurance. Similarly, businesses operating in specific industries such as construction, hospitality, or childcare may be obligated to have public liability coverage to obtain certain licenses or meet industry standards.

Even if public liability insurance is not legally mandated for a particular business, it is still highly recommended. Public liability insurance provides financial protection against claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage arising from a business’s operations, products, or premises. It helps cover legal costs, compensation payments, and related expenses, which can be substantial in the event of a claim.

Having public liability insurance can help protect a business’s financial stability and reputation in the event of an accident or incident involving third parties. It is essential for businesses to assess their specific risks and consider obtaining public liability insurance coverage, even if it is not legally required for their industry or location. Consulting with an insurance professional or broker can provide guidance on the appropriate coverage based on the business’s needs and activities.


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Public liability insurance may be compulsory for your occupations license

Public Liability Insurance may be compulsory for your occupations license, such as builders, plumbers and electricians in some states, check with your industries licencing authority in your state.

Public liability insurance may be required to enter a work site or third party premises

You may be asked to show a Public Liability Insurance policy before entering a work site or third party premises including offices. Federal and State government departments,  local governments and a hospital will almost certainly request proof of insurance prior to work commencing, and that will not be restricted to trades it can also include consultants and visiting professionals.

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